Solano Pinball League meets in private homes around Fairfield/Vacaville (southwest of Sacramento).

We have a league night every other Wednesday, with a four-game high score tournament. All members play the same four games and record their scores. We use Match Play Events to track league, with INDISC scoring (100 for first, 97 for second, 95, 94, 93, ...)

Points tracked over an 8-night season (16 weeks) with two lowest weeks dropped. Members who attend at least four weeks qualify for an end-of-season playoff tournament. Playoff tournament is a four-strikes tournament using Match Play Events web-based software. On alternating Wednesdays, we have "Alt Night" where we meet up for pinball but games don't count toward season standings.

If you're interested in joining us, send a member request on our private Google Groups page or email manager at

Season League Results Playoff Results Grand Champion
1 - Summer 2014 IFPA Glen Braun
2 - Fall 2014 IFPA Chris Heilig
3 - Spring 2015 IFPA Tom Collins
4 - Summer 2015 MatchPlay IFPA Tom Collins
5 - Fall 2015 MatchPlay IFPA Dito Milian
6 - Spring 2016 MatchPlay IFPA Dito Milian
7 - Summer 2016 MatchPlay IFPA Jason Rice
8 - Fall 2016 MatchPlay IFPA Dito Milian
9 - Spring 2017 League MatchPlay IFPA Dito Milian
10 - Summer 2017 League MatchPlay IFPA Tom Collins
11 - Fall 2017 Coming Soon December 2017